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Association of Hungarian History Teachers
2010 augusztus 5. csütörtök, 6:17

The Association of Hungarian History Teachers (TTE) promotes and safeguards all history teachers’ interests independently of which level they teach. Both Hungarian and foreign colleagues can join the organization.

The Association focuses its activities on various fields. We organize conferences, discussions, and workshops, give expert opinions, provide professional, pedagogical service for our members and safeguard our members’ interests. Its primary aim is to raise the level of history education through the teachers’ independent activities. It was founded in 1989. Its members come from all over the country, 1 from the capital. The total number of members is 427.


Our main aims are:

  • Promoting the interests of our members
  • Providing services to our members and everybody showing an interest through newsletters and domestic and international conferences
  • Operating workshops on textbooks and teaching material reviews

Our newsletter, TTE Hirmondo, informs our colleagues about the latest news in history teaching and our views on current issues.

The Association is a founding member of Euroclio and it was a great pleasure for us to organize the Annual Conference of the organization in Budapest in 1997.

Our members can take part in international conferences with the help of the association. Each year 20 – 30 Hungarian history teachers represent us at domestic and international professional meetings.

The most important events of the association are the annual conferences. These meetings have become the biggest and most respected professional ones of not only history educators, but the press as well.

The association worked out its views on objective history teaching, which was accepted by the annual conference in 1993.

Standpoint of the HTA on the new state curriculum regarding history and civics